What Others Have Said…

At the end of the day, what we want most is to make sure our customers are happy and that they are confident they made the right decision when selling their land! We want to provide a solution that will work for you!

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When we first heard of Steve Kish and Sanctuary Abode it was by way of a letter we received from him offering to buy our 10-acre parcel in eastern Washington. We had long since decided the land, which we bought to help out a friend for only the small cost of paying the back taxes, was not practical for us and tried to sell it to neighbors with land adjoining ours, or through a local realtor, but with no success. We finally made the decision to stop paying the property taxes so the county would repossess the land and sell it at auction, relieving us of the tax burden that way and accepting that it would be a financial loss. It was a bit of a difficult situation because our land was completely surrounded by other parcels and somehow the original title was granted with no easement, so there was no way to access it as none of the adjoining property owners we contacted would agree to an easement unless we were willing to take them to court.
We’d received a couple of similar letters from other land-buying groups over the course of the several years we’d owned the property, but when we contacted the senders they always turned out to not be all that interested after all for one reason or another, so we were tempted at first to discard Steve’s letter, expecting we would probably get the same response. But we’re very glad we didn’t do that!
Not only is Sanctuary Abodes a legitimate business but Steve made us an offer and met with us to sign paperwork and hand over a check within a very short time of our receiving the letter and contacting him. No more easement issues, no more worries about endless property tax payments on something we couldn’t use. We are very grateful for Steve’s interest and the expeditious way he handled the payment and title transfer.
Rick and Su Tipple
Lynnwood, WA

I received a letter from Sanctuary Abode about one month ago very politely offering to purchase a small parcel of land in Eastern Washington that we were vaguely interested in selling but had not gotten enough energy to start the process. This letter offered a specific purchase price and stated there would be absolutely no more costs involved for anything if we wished to sell, and no further contact if we notified them we did not wish to sell. We were also offered the name and phone number of the person to contact either way, and the web site of Sanctuary Abode if we wanted to know how our property might be used; I appreciated this, although clearly it was not required. We checked out both, felt nothing could be simpler than what was being made available to us, and we felt the purpose was very good. So we contacted Steve Kish and started the process. Over the course of the next month we exchanged some emails,  had perhaps 3-4 short phone calls, were asked to provide a couple documents and showed up twice to sign papers. Yesterday we were notified we could pick up our sale proceeds, and the check was for slightly more than we expected. Everything went slightly easier than we had hoped, and we had very high hopes. Essentially we did nothing and got paid for it. These are good people working for a good purpose and they were very nice to work with.  Thank you to Steve and Bob.

Sue Cavelero